Let us not get mistaken by the title of this blogpost as it is in no way connected to the chart topping number by Ke$ha and in no way do I want to wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. “Tick Tock” here refers to our life that is ticking away like a time bomb. Recently while discussing some short term goals with a friend it dawned on me that our age always reminds us of what we are supposed to do and achieve. For example, at five one is supposed to start schooling, and then once you turn eighteen attend college, by twenty five get a wonderful job and by thirty get married. This list can go on and on but we all know that the eventual outcome is death like the triggering of a bomb. So instead of living in fear of how much time we have got to achieve something why we don’t start living and do things that make us happy now. We should go out and appreciate the things that matter to us most. Tell your sweetheart that you love them; help your friends and relatives not out of social etiquette but because you want to. Do all the silly things that you wanted to do like dance in the middle of a road with your loved one on a rainy afternoon and don’t worry about the consequences. Let’s not get old and regret all the millions things that we could have done only if weren’t chicken enough to do. I know saying all these things may seem easy but trust me I am trying to make the best of what I have got. My friends can bear testimony to that. Life is too short so let’s make the most of it and appreciate this precious gift that God has provided us with.